Thursday, March 6, 2014

Conversation interuptus Maximus

I can't remember the last time I finished asentence. Why? let me paint the picture for you. I'm fifty one, married 17 years and have two children 13 and 11.  You get it now.  Mind you,  I don't think that for the most part I deliver exquisite  words of wisdom and people should be listening to everything thing I say.  Oh no, this is merely from answering the questions posed to me whether they be advice for my kids or thoughts on what to do for a Saturday afternoon. Bottom line is ....what?, ok. Gotta go. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Walked around Harvard sq this morning. Sweet on the sound of produce trucks huffing brakes cold men unloading crates of vegetables, bundled up people all holding white cups of coffee in mitten hands, others walking hurriedly down the brick walks their eyes glued to their cell phone screens naked thumbs tapping screens as steam puffed from their lips, smoke steam escaping from grates in the sidewalk screens and building foundations seeming to be waking with the city from dreaming as I am careening down the street a caffeine headache jonesing for the back of the neck a wreck as I make it to 1369 on time for the line is long I sit with my hot tongue sipping dripping the juice inside til I'm beside myself again and then it's time to move on and I can't help but feel a sad song for no reason except the mundane has got a hold of my brain and heart so I watch the produce men with their fruit logo trucks to get stuck outside myself again in the early morning witness of a city waking up to a world rolling along like the sidewalk beneath my feet back to the standing still of suburbs and same as it ever is arguments and my tv shows.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Have to get in the habit of blogging. almost forgot today. Sitting in bed typing on my ipad because I want to be consistent. I know where I want to go with this. I want to write about various memories and how they all add up to something. I don't what that is but it seems important. So here are the topics that will be coming up in future days. Childhood places events people

The empty lot
The woods
The angel in the woods
The path
Th riflers at the abandoned house
Ice skating at little beaver pond
Blueberry rock
She'd on fire rolling down the hill
Three caves in the ground
Forgotten  arrows and nerf balls
Fourth of July block parties

Monday, March 3, 2014


i like the idea of challenges challenging my ideas and where withalls. it gives me an impetus a reason a guide a focus. sure someone else is telling me what to do but not as an oppressive authoritarian but more of like a singsay(sp). go do this and you will have that in the end. so i go and do that and have that in the end. novemeber i did nanowrimo and left the month with a 50k word YA novel. not too shabby. december was xmas time so all bets are off. january i was working on my other novel trying to rewrite it from a women's fiction which i made it halfway through. february was FAWM,(February Album Writing Month) where you write 14 songs in one month. i did 18 and all fully produced. not too shabby. so now i'm hooked. i like a good challenge and it gets me doing artistic stuff which is where its at for me. i have looking into the next challenge, 100 sketches in 100 days is tempting as i used to be an artist when i was a child and have been itiching to get back to it. blogging is something else i have tried yet so her it is , my first blog. i'm going to do the march challenge for blogher nanblopomo.